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The maximum charge per 1,000 crude oil units for the assumption of stockholding obligations, established by an ordinance of the economy minister enacted on February 27, 1991 and published in the official gazette supplement of the Wiener Zeitung on March 5, 1991, which is still in force, is EUR 50.20 ex value added tax. The purpose of this ceiling on charges is to keep the cost of stockholding obligations within reasonable limits for obligatees.

The posted rates published by ELG in the official
gazette supplement of the Wiener Zeitung every January represent the maximum for the stockholding period in question.

The posted rates for the stockholding period starting on April 1, 2019, stated in EUR per tonne of crude oil equivalent (tcoe), ex VAT, are as follows:

Year ends March 31, 2020
(the rates for the 2018/2019
stockholding period are
shown in brackets)
Crude oil and feedstocks for direct use in the
production of biofuels
EUR 42,75 (42,75)
Gasoline and biofuels used as gasoline EUR 50,15 (50,15)
Petroleum and gasoil (inc. extra light heating oil)
and biofuel used as gasoil
EUR 49,85 (49,85)
Kerosine (Jet fuel) EUR 49,00 (49,00)
Fuel oil EUR 38,00 (38,00)

Since ELG gives discounts on its posted prices, based on the volume and duration of delegations, the actual charges per 1,000 tcoe may be considerably lower.

We will be delighted to provide a non-binding quotation, showing the effective stockholding costs per 1,000 tcoe, tonne and liter of imported crude and/or petroleum products, and/or bio feedstocks and biofuels.

For additional information, please contact us at E-Mail or on +43 3136 82300.



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