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The posted rates published by ELG in the official "gazette supplement of the Wiener Zeitung" for the new beginning of the 2022/2023 storage period amount to EURO per ton of crude oil equivalent (tcoe), excluding VAT, as follows:

  Stockholding period
Stockholding period
Crude oil and feedstocks for direct use in the
production of biofuels
EUR 32,09 EUR 32,26
Gasoline and biofuels used as gasoline EUR 32,09 EUR 32,26
Petroleum and gasoil (inc. extra light heating oil)
and biofuel used as gasoil
EUR 32,09 EUR 32,26
Kerosine (Jet fuel) EUR 32,09 EUR 32,26
Fuel oil EUR 32,09 EUR 32,26


The tariff system based on a "flat rate" model applies to the 2022/2023 storage period. This flat rate is a uniform fixed price for all product groups.

For additional information, please contact us at E-Mail (please use the subject "Stockholding") or on +43 3136 82300 114.

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