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ELG offers all oil importers assistance with, or the assumption of full responsibility for compliance with the mandatory reporting in accordance with the Erdölbevorratungsgesetz 2012 [Oil Stockholding Act 2012].

For example, at an importer’s request, we calculate the stockholding obligations implied by its imports, and make the necessary reports (monthly and annual reports including Form III statistical survey responses) to the Energy and Mining Section of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

Importers wishing to do their own reporting can use the official Oil Stockholding Act 2012 forms provided as part of the BMK reporting program.

Besides taking on importers’ reporting duties, ELG is in constant contact with the Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, notifies stockholding obligatees of any new developments or anticipated changes in the system, and represent their interests with the authorities.

Section 9(1)(9) Oil Stockholding Act 2012 requires us to protect data entrusted to us, and only permits us to transmit information on delegations and related data to the relevant authorities. Illegal disclosure of data or its exploitation for gain is subject to the penalties provided for by section 26 of the Act.

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